Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just Donations accepted too....

We've had a few people tell us that they would prefer not to purchase raffle tickets because *after all that is a big doll and I just don't have a place for her*....Well, you if you also feel that way you can just make a Donation ONLY.

When you click the donation button and sign into PayPal there will be a link that says:

+add special instructions to the seller

Just click on that and type in Donation Only - No tickets. That way no raffle ticket numbers will be assigned to your name and you have still contributed towards our goal of raising $10,000.

We hope everyone will consider donating even just $5. a month for the next 4 months would make a huge difference.Thanks everybody!!!

Click to DONATE Now.

1 comment:

Kathy Ray said...

Congrats on the success so far!!
Keep those donations comming...
Kathy Ray Photography