Sunday, June 28, 2009

Exciting Announcements!

Exciting Announcements!
You can now view the
on display at the
following location:

Artel Art Center Map
(You can view the doll even during non business hours)

Grab your family & art friends and plan a
field trip to see the Ties That Bind Art Doll!

Make a day of it--come see the doll, do a
little shopping and grab some lunch while your here!

More Exciting News!

We are pleased to announce a more
user friendly web address that you can
now give your friends and family.

The following web address:
will take you right to the
raffle ticket & donation page!

Please help us continue to spread the word

Click HERE to make your donation
or buy your tickets if you haven't already.


Kris Henderson said...

McHenry Village is a really nice place to hang out...and the doll looks so regal in the Artel Art Center window! She is totally eye
catching. People were stopping and
eyeballing! Total eye candy.

Jean-activeimagination said...

Oh, she looks lovely-each time I see her she becomes more beautiful and meaningful.