Friday, October 10, 2008

Hearts For Hope
Charm By: Lisa Lloyd
Charm By: Lisa Lloyd

Charm By: Lisa Lloyd

Friday, October 3, 2008

My apologies everyone I've been very behind and I'm finally updating the blog! I believe we are down to the last of the charms and ties and can I say yet again what a joy it has been to see what each person has created. :-)

In Memory of Shari

Charm By: Linda Lynch

Charm By: Mija Marie

Charm By: Mija Marie

Altered Tie By: Terri Gauthier

Charms By: Jen Osborn

Charm By: Kristen Robinson

"Winged Mercy"

Charm By: Kelly Snelling

Charm By: Lori Gentile

Charms By: Sharon Siqueiros

In Memory of Carol

Charm By: Linda Lynch

Charm By: Linda Lynch

In Memory of Louise
Charm By: Linda Lynch

Charm By: Jennifer Whitmer

Front and Back side

Charm By Karen Campbell

Front and Backside

"Let Love Rule"

Charm By: Cindy Ericsson

Charm By: Char DeRouin

Altered Tie By: Char DeRouin

Altered Tie By: Cindy O'Leary

Charm By: Cindy O'Leary
Front and Backside

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A couple of additions

Healing Expressions

Charm By: Lani Kent

Tie and Charm By:

Donna Engstrom

Thanks all you selfless people!

As the due date draws to a close for the charms and ties to be sent in, I am so touched by the amount of people that have eagerly and selflessly wanted to be part of this project, thank you! I am also acutely aware of just how many have been effected in some way by this quiet disease! Now more then ever Ovarian cancer needs to be brought to the forefront of public awareness and more dollars raised to help fight this silent disease. Please continue to promote awareness and help us stamp out this disease!

Charm By: Tim Holtz

Tim originally had sent a charm way back in the beginning, unfortunately it was lost in the mail. Tim graciously sent us a second charm (thanks Tim!).

Hope Comes From Within
Charm By: Lynn Roberts

Charm By: Shirley McCutcheon

Charm By: Shirley McCutcheon

Charm By: Patti Crump

Altered Tie By: Cat Dodt-Ellis

Charm By: Opie & Linda O' Brien

Altered Tie By: Lorri Scott

Charms By: Kari McKnight

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Feels like Christmas again with all these wonderful gifts of art! The outpouring from so many artists giving their time up selflessly is heartwarming!
Thank you everyone!
Altered Tie By: Jo Anna Pierotti

Altered Tie By: Brenda Wampler

Charm By: Mary Beth Shaw

Charm By: Alicia Edwards

Charm By Di Barton

Charm By: JoAnna Pierotti

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gift of Hope

Birdcage for doll to hold by:
Kris Henderson & Aileen Roberts

Altered Tie By: Aileen Roberts

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog Candy!

Charm By Michael deMeng

Altered Tie By: Ruth Rae
Charm By: Ruth Rae

Altered Tie By: Debbie Overton